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Safeguarding Adults Response

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How it works

The support we provide

Safeguarding Adults From Abuse (SAFA) is an integrated multi-agency approach to safeguarding adults at risk of harm.

Anyone can make a safeguarding referral when they have a concern regarding someone’s safety or situation.

The case will be assigned to a Safeguarding Coordinator who will:

  • Take a person-directed and whānau centred approach

  • Determine the risk of immediate danger or harm, and coordinate immediate intervention as required

  • Seek to understand the background and situation of concern

  • Provide a single point of contact

  • Coordinate Safeguarding strategy meetings with the individual, his/her whānau and supporters, police, provider and other health professionals.

  • Identify and address whānau needs in a holistic way

This Coordinated Response ensures that an Adult at Risk remains in control of the decision making, and that there is a common understanding of the risks and the necessary steps to ensure safety and enhanced wellbeing. It works in connection with other supports such as Advocacy and Supported Decision Making to assist people to be safe and feel safe, retain their independence, and increase their resilience and wellbeing.

What it costs

This is a free service offered nationwide.

Learn more

To learn more about making a referral to our Safeguarding Adults service please contact or call 0800 728 7878

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