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Ongoing Advocacy


How it works

The support we provide

Ongoing advocacy establishes a long term trusting relationship between the person and the Advocate.  This relationship plays a preventative role in stopping the majority of issues before they arise. If an issue did occur, the Advocate would work with the person and their other supporters to find an appropriate resolution.


The Advocate will make regular contact, visit, report, and engage in planning to monitor the wellbeing their wellbeing. The type and intensity of advocacy required will vary person to person, and from year to year, and depending on their needs or issues at the time.

Prior to 2024 PASAT offered Ongoing Advocacy through enrolment in a Lifelong Advocacy scheme, now discontinued.


What it costs

One hour of advocacy support

The fee will be adjusted every three years in line with inflation

$80/hour excl GST

The advocacy that we deliver can be fully customised to meet the needs of the person requiring support and the budget that is available.

Some recommended packages:

Quarterly routine visits

The recommended minimum level of support annually

$960/year excl GST

Monthly routine visits

Frequent contact to enable a comfortable and strong relationship

$1,920/year excl GST

How to pay

Advocacy is delivered on a Fee-for-Service basis.

At the end of each year we will issue an invoice annually for actual advocacy hours delivered. This invoice is payable by 20th month following issue by direct bank transfer.

Payment in advance; planning for the future

Advocacy may also be bulk funded in advance through the establishment of a Discretionary Trust. This is particularly useful for parents wishing to plan and prepare for the ongoing advocacy of their adult children after they themselves die.

The Discretionary Trust Deed will determine the frequency of routine visits and the limit of expenditure annually, along with any other special Discretionary Trust instructions. The Discretionary Trust may also be applied for the general well-being of the member, as defined in its Deed, Letter of Wishes, or other establishing document.

Each year the invoice for advocacy support delivered will be addressed and issued to the relevant Discretionary Trust. The total value of the Discretionary Trust will therefore determine the number of years of advocacy support that can possibly be funded.

As an approximate guide:

25 years of advocacy support

To provide quarterly routine visits

minimum of $26,500 excl GST

25 years of advocacy support

To provide monthly routine visits

minimum of $47,000 excl GST

50 years of advocacy support

To provide quarterly routine visits

minimum of $45,500 excl GST

Payment in advance, planning for the futue

Lifelong Advocacy

Legacy Service - no longer offered

Prior to 2024 PASAT's ongoing advocacy service was offered as a membership scheme. Parents or other interested parties would pay a one off enrolment fee to access lifelong advocacy support on behalf of their family member. This payment option ceased for new enrolments in 2023. PASAT continues to provide lifelong advocacy for hundreds of members and families enrolled from 1967 - 2023 under this scheme.  ​ Lifelong advocacy has two support levels: 1. Pre Support​ A member is classified as Pre Support while their parents are living. It is assumed that during their lifetime (while able) the parent/s will be their son or daughter’s primary Advocate. The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust commits to a minimum of biannual contact with all Pre Support members and families, though in the first year or two of enrolment and whilst establishing a relationship the Trust delivers more than this. This contact includes keeping vital records up to date and current, and importantly establishing and maintaining a relationship with the member. ​Should a parent become unable to advocate for their family member due to age, ill health or other factors, an application may be made to the Trust Board for consideration for Early Full Support. If approved, the member then begins to receive advocacy support at the same level of Full Support. ​Pre Support is funded through the payment of a subscription of $140 per annum, and is a pre requisite to Full Support unless both parents are deceased. ​Where siblings who live at the same address are enrolled in the Trust, a discount may be applied to the second and subsequent enrolments of 50%. ​2. Full Support A member transitions to Full Support after the death of their last surviving parent or other contributor. The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust commits to delivering a minimum of quarterly advocacy support visits, and up to 12 hours of advocacy annually. The frequency and duration of these visits will be dictated by the needs and plans made with the person and their supporters. Extra support/advocacy can be provided as necessary in times of crisis. The Advocates role is to work with the member and all those involved ‐ other agencies and individuals ‐ who are in contact to ensure the member enjoys a high standard of health and wellbeing. The Regional Advocate will: ​* keep an eye on the Member’s general health and well-being; checking that education, work, accommodation and leisure activities are all going well. * Check that the Member access to their money for day to day expenses and that any longer term financial interests are being protected. * Discuss any difficulties or issues that the Member may need help with * Raise and work through those issues with others involved, including service providers, to find a positive solution * Support the member to self-advocate, or advocate with and on behalf of our Member to ensure the best possible outcome. While this payment option is no longer available, there are several members enrolled for lifelong advocacy who are yet to pay their Full Support Enrolment Fee in Full. The Full Support fee rates are updated every three years to stay in line with inflation. The current rates are communicated to members as appropriate annually. The Full Support Enrolment Fee is carefully calculated as advised by professional Actuaries, so as to be sufficient to fund full advocacy support for a member for the duration of their life. It takes in to consideration the age of the member when enrolling, current life expectancy predictions, and the potential growth of the fee through investment. The Full Support Enrolment Fee may be refundable**. Where siblings who live at the same address are enrolled in the Trust, a discount may be applied to the second and subsequent enrolment fees of 50%. There are several options for the method of payment of the Full Support Enrolment Fee: * By lump sum payment * By annual instalments for a term of 5 or 10 years. (Please note: other terms may and arranged on a case by case basis). * By monthly payments for a term of 5 or 10 years * Deferred Payment by Testamentary Will – Please note that when this option is selected the Enrolment Fee Payable will be the current fee applicable at the time of death. It is the Trust’s policy to increase fees every three years to allow for CPI adjustment. An invoice will be issued annually on the anniversary of enrolment advising of the current fee rate. Where there is insufficient funds or failure to provide for the enrolment fee within the Will, membership will be cancelled. * ​Advocacy may also be purchased through a Discretionary Trust. By this method, a family only pays for the advocacy delivered each year, instead of a lifetime in advance. The rest of the Discretionary Trust may be applied for the general well-being of the member, and as defined at the time of establishment. Please note, the balance of the Discretionary Trust must be at least the value of the Immediate Full Support Fee at the time support commences. **If a fully paid member is withdrawn from the Trust while still on Pre Support the membership fee may be up to 100% refundable. If a member is withdrawn when on Full Support, the membership fee will be non‐refundable.

Lifelong Advocacy
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