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Ongoing Advocacy

A couple with learning disabilities working in the kitchen together

How it works

The support we provide

Ongoing advocacy establishes a long term trusting relationship between the person and the Advocate.  This relationship plays a preventative role in stopping the majority of issues before they arise. If an issue did occur, the Advocate would work with the person and their other supporters to find an appropriate resolution.


The Advocate will make regular contact, visit, report, and engage in planning to monitor the wellbeing their wellbeing. The type and intensity of advocacy required will vary person to person, and from year to year, and depending on their needs or issues at the time.

Prior to 2024 PASAT offered Ongoing Advocacy through enrolment in a Lifelong Advocacy scheme, now discontinued.


What it costs

One hour of advocacy support​ is $80/hour excluding GST

The fee will be adjusted every three years in line with inflation

The advocacy that we deliver can be fully customised to meet the needs of the person requiring support and the budget that is available.

Some recommended packages (all prices are excluding GST):

Monthly routine visits Frequent contact to enable a comfortable and strong relationship
$1,920 / year
Quarterly routine visits The recommended minimum level of support annually
$960 / year

How to pay

Advocacy is delivered on a Fee-for-Service basis.

At the end of each year we will issue an invoice annually for actual advocacy hours delivered. This invoice is payable by 20th month following issue by direct bank transfer.

Payment in advance; planning for the future

Advocacy may also be bulk funded in advance through the establishment of a Discretionary Trust. This is particularly useful for parents wishing to plan and prepare for the ongoing advocacy of their adult children after they themselves die.

The Discretionary Trust Deed will determine the frequency of routine visits and the limit of expenditure annually, along with any other special Discretionary Trust instructions. The Discretionary Trust may also be applied for the general well-being of the member, as defined in its Deed, Letter of Wishes, or other establishing document.


Each year the invoice for advocacy support delivered will be addressed and issued to the relevant Discretionary Trust. The total value of the Discretionary Trust will therefore determine the number of years of advocacy support that can possibly be funded.

As an approximate guide:

50 years of support with quarterly visits
Minimum balance of $45,500
25 years of support with monthly visits
Minimum balance of $47,000
25 years of support with quarterly visits
Minimum balance of $26,500
Payment in advance, planning for the futue

Lifelong Advocacy

Legacy Service - no longer offered

Prior to 2024 PASAT's ongoing advocacy service was offered as a membership scheme.


Parents or other interested parties would pay a one off enrolment fee to access lifelong advocacy support on behalf of their family member.


This scheme and payment option ceased for new enrolments in 2023.


PASAT continues to provide lifelong advocacy for hundreds of members and families enrolled from 1967 - 2023 under this scheme.  ​

Lifelong Advocacy
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