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Wellbeing Support for Survivors of Abuse

Balancing Rocks

How it works

The support we provide

The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust is able to offer wellbeing support to Survivors of abuse that have learning disabilities, neurodiversity, or other cognitive impairments. PASAT receives referrals from either:

  • The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in State Care, or

  • The Survivor Experiences Service.

Our Advocate then works with the Survivor to gain and maintain informed consent to engage, and to understand and support their wellbeing needs before, during and after their engagement. We become the key point of contact and support between them and the organisation they are working with.

What it costs

This is a free service offered Nationwide.

How to access support

PASAT receives referrals for this service directly from The Royal Commission of Inquiry in to Abuse in State Care and the Survivor Experiences Service.  If you or someone you support are working with either of these agencies, ask for a referral to PASAT for Wellbeing Support.

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