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Support for Decision Making

Image by Jens Lelie

How it works

The support we provide

Every person has the right to make decisions, and every person has the right to access support to make decisions.


Providing support for decision making is a crucial part of all advocacy support that PASAT provides. Support for Decision Making is also a stand alone and funded service offered to participants in the Mana Whaikaha and Enabling Good Lives disability system transformation sites.


A Supporter will meet with the person to build rapport and understand their decision making needs. The support delivered will include:

  • Supporting through each of the steps of decision making for a particular decision

  • Documenting the supported decision making process

  • Practising decision making skills

  • Identifying other potential supporters

PASAT can also deliver workshops and trainings for disabled people's organisations, disability support providers, community groups on Supported Decision Making principles and approaches.

What it costs

This is a free service offered in: 

  • Mana Whaikaha (Mid-Central)

  • Enabling Good Lives demonstrations (Waikato and Christchurch)

How to access support

PASAT receives referrals for this service directly from Mana Whaikaha and Enabling Good Lives. If you live in the Mid Central, Waikato or Christchurch region, contact your Connector to request support and a referral.

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