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Short Term Advocacy


How it works

The support we provide

Whilst ongoing advocacy is the ideal, we understand that this model is not accessible or necessary for all New Zealanders with learning disabilities, neurodiversity, or other cognitive impairments.

The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust also provides short term advocacy support to respond to specific issues, crises, or concerns.

Contracting an Advocate through PASAT may be appropriate when:

This service is offered nationwide, and is an option for anyone resident in New Zealand with a learning disability, neurodiversity or cognitive impairment, or otherwise meets the definition of having care and support needs.

What it costs

And how to pay

One hour of advocacy support

The fee will be adjusted every three years in line with inflation

$80/hour excl GST

An invoice for actual advocacy hours delivered will be issued after we have finished our support, payable on 20th month following issue by direct bank transfer.

Financial Hardship

The Rangatira Fund

If no funds are available to finance short term advocacy needs, an application may be made to the Trustees for services to be funded through the Rangatira Fund.

The Rangatira Fund is a philanthropic fund originally donated by the JR McKenzie Trust, and maintained today through the generous donations of other charitable organisations. It is to be used to extend support to those whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them accessing services.

To be eligible for funded advocacy hours the following criteria must be met:

  • Be an ‘eligible candidate’ as defined by the Trust Deed and at the discretion of the Trustees

  • Have a short term crisis or issue requiring advocacy support

  • Have financial constraints that prevent access to standard Fee-for-Service Short Term or Ongoing Advocacy.

To make a referral for support under the Rangatira Fund, please call 0800 728 7878 or email

Finanial Hardship
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